Midland International Airport
Military Information


Great attributes for Military Aircraft at MAF:

  1. Military fueling contract on field
  2. Excellent Tower facilities
  3. Radar
  4. 24 hour Aircraft Fire Department with modern equipment
  5. 12 minute response time to medical facilities
  6. Plenty of airspace
  7. Good food on Airport with excellent restaurants nearby
  8. Free transportation available
  9. Secure military area guarded 24 hours
  10. Excellent location for deployment and training
  11. No noise problems from surrounding areas
  12. 24 hour Security Police Department
  13. Airport security system and surveillance
  14. City of Midland has an administration that welcomes military activity
  15. Maintenance facilities on site
  16. Favorable weather year round
  17. Able to accommodate up to 24 large tankers
  18. Up to 650 motel rooms are available close to the Airport, some with special military rates
  19. Room for a tent city to house approximately 2,600
  20. Heavy equipment such as dump trucks, graders, dozers, back-hoes, and excavators available
  21. Hangars and buildings available for deployment
  22. Excellent location for night vision training
  23. Army National Guard unit on Airport property
  24. Doppler radar
  25. Low tire wear runway
  26. Temperature sensors on runways
  27. Excellent area for hurricane avoidance.

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