Airport Board

Planning & Development Board
The Airport Board advises the director of airports and Midland City Council regarding the development of Midland International Air & Space Port, Midland Industrial Park, and Midland Executive Airpark. The board has 10 members who serve three-year terms. The board meets the third Tuesday of each month. For location and time call Airport Administration at 432-560-2200, ext. 3008.


  • Greg Baiano, Chairman
  • John T. Echols
  • Bill Dingus
  • Jay Consalvi
  • Nick Hood
  • Vicki Hurt 

  • Keith Valentine
  • Wes Reeves
  • Earl Erdmann
  • John Trischitti
  • Harry Spannaus, Ex-Officio
  • J. Ross Lacy, Council Liaison
Permian Basin Airport Board
The Permian Basin Board performs an advisory role, relaying concerns and ideas to the Airport Planning and Advisory Board. The board is comprised of 28 members: the ten members of the Airport Planning and Development Board; three members from Odessa; one member each from the Texas cities of Abilene, Andrews, Big Spring, Fort Stockton, Lamesa, Monahans, Pecos, San Angelo, Seminole, Snyder, and Sweetwater; and one member from each of the New Mexico cities of Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs, and Roswell. For location and time of meetings call Airport Administration at 432-560-2200, ext. 3008.


  • Gregory Baiano, Midland
  • Bill Dingus, Midland
  • Don Bethel, Lemesa
  • Isabelle Blanchard, Pecos
  • Elvin Brownlee III, Andrews
  • Keith Valentine, Midland
  • Luis E. Elguezabal
  • Henry Cutbirth, Monahans
  • John T. Echols, Midland
  • Louis Elguezabal, San Angelo
  • Jay Consalvi, Midland
  • Larry Fry, Roswell
  • Larry Gill, Abilene
  • Barbara Graff, Odessa
  • David Hardwick, Ft. Stockton
  •  Lex Hinds, Seminole

  • Vicki Hurt, Midland
  • J. Ross Lacy, Midland Council Liaison
  • Lance Goodrich, Artesia
  • Jim Little, Big Spring
  • Gloria Pena, Odessa
  • John Rogotzke, Snyder
  • Frankie Rolfe, Kermit
  • Larry Shed, Hobbs
  • Wes Reeves, Midland
  • Earl Erdmann, Midland
  • Harry Spannaus, Midland (Ex-Officio)
  • Willie Taylor, Odessa
  • John Trischitti III, Midland
  • Jon Tully, Carlsbad
  • Nick Hood, Midland
  • Glenn Wortham, Sweetwater